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Our Firm

Our Firm

The architectural firm of Bill Kumlin and Barry Sullivan.

Welcome to Kumlin Sullivan Architecture Studio Ltd. We are an architecture firm that focuses on projects that makes one pause, respond and experience. Our project range includes commercial, retail, office, industrial, recreational, multi-family residential, institutional, heritage, and hospitality. Our clients primarily include realty advisors, commercial developers, pension funds, contractors, and project management groups. We have also worked with many municipalities throughout both Alberta, British Columbia, Manitoba and Ontario. It is our belief that a defining characteristic of our firm is in the studio environment in which we work and the collaborative thinking that is derived from it. A studio environment liberates the design process, allowing for all staff members, clients, and project partners to participate in its evolution. We believe that this focus provides the highest level of design input and team participation in a project’s development, enhancing and heightening its success along with the participants’ feeling of involvement and accomplishment.

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We Are Kumlin Sullivan Architecture Studio Ltd.



Kumlin Sullivan Architecture Studio Ltd. began in May 2015 and is a continuation of the originating firm of William R. Kumlin Architect Ltd. which was established in 1998. The firm’s leaders, Bill Kumlin and Barry Sullivan, came together with a collective history of over 45 years of architectural experience and over 1200 projects. Barry brings with him more than 20 years of practice focusing on large scale commercial, retail, residential, recreational, hospitality and industrial projects in Alberta. Bill brings with him 30+ years of experience in the construction industry in Alberta and BC, with more than 25 years as an architect. Bill’s focus has been on small and medium scale commercial, industrial, and institutional projects, both new and additions/renovations.


Kumlin Sullivan Architectural Studio Ltd. is focused on design excellence paralleled with customer satisfaction. As a member of the Canadian Association of Green Building Council, we are committed to providing socially and environmentally responsible stewardship on all of our projects at a level commensurate with client requirements. Our goal is to provide intelligent, sound building designs that incorporate environmental design concepts while understanding their impact on the overall project performance.

Our values define how we relate to our clients and to each other. We strive to demonstrate integrity in all we do and are flexible, innovative, and enthusiastic in our approach. The contribution of creative ideas is encouraged and supports us in achieving our vision and goals. Our internal culture is dynamic, energetic and responsive to constant change. However, our willingness to be "fresh" is grounded in five core values:

Freshness: We help define the future by being open to new ideas and opportunities.
Rigour: We are disciplined and creative in the tools and processes we apply to those opportunities.
Engagement: Connecting people to place, culture and purpose wherever we operate.
Signature thinking: Which is harder than signature design. We make things work by thinking them through.
Having fun: We enjoy the company of each other, that of our clients, and the path to project realization.


Provincial Registrations

Kumlin Sullivan Architectural Studio Ltd. is registered in 5 provinces.  We are registered members of the: British Columbia Architects Association,  Alberta Architects Association, Saskatchewan Architects Association, Manitoba Architects Association and the Ontario Architects Association. 


Historic and Heritage Buildings

KSAS provides consulting services for work being done on historic and designated heritage buildings. Bill Kumlin has worked in various capacities on a number of buildings in Calgary’s downtown and beltline areas. His work has been for tenant improvements/renovations, repairs and upgrades, codes reviews, evaluations, and consulting relating to the  use of heritage buildings, and consulting and architectural services for renovations to buildings without heritage designations but with historic value to the city. With a background with Parks Canada’s Historic Restoration Division, he has a sensitivity to, and respect for, the buildings that form a part of an area’s history. He recognizes the historic character and how to maintain it as well as an understanding of past construction methods and how that relates to a building’s value, as well as what is required to rehabilitate buildings that may be in need of repair or updating.

Bill has always been fascinated by older buildings – old train stations, sway-back barns, leaning granaries - wondering who worked in them, how long ago they were built, why they weren’t maintained, why there were allowed to fail.  This thinking comes into every project Bill works on, new or heritage.  Where possible, buildings should last, so many people can enjoy them for years to come.
Bill has received a Post-Graduate Certificate in Built and Landscape Heritage Program from the University of Calgary’s School of Architecture, Planning, and Landscape.

Bill has worked on and in the following heritage and historic buildings in Calgary:
Customs House (National Music Centre)
The Hudson Block (Hudson’s Bay)
The Merchant Bank Building
The Tribune Building
The Palace Theatre
The Doll Block
Shoe Hospital
The investors building
The Aull Block
The Cunningham Building
The Eagle Block
While at Parks Canada, Bill worked on the following:
National Bank Building, Dawson City, Yukon Territory
Betty’s Brothel, Dawson City, Yukon Territory
Motherwell Homestead National Historic Site - Barn restoration, Motherwell Ranch, Abernathy, Saskatchewan
Contact Bill if you have any questions about the services we can provide on your heritage building project.


Kumlin Sullivan Architecture Studio Ltd. has extensive experience in:


Kumlin Sullivan Architecture Studio Ltd. has received the following awards:

2012 Northern Building Award for CAN-AM Geomatics
LEED CERTIFIED Award - Lakeview Commercial Retail Building
LEED SILVER Award - 2020 Tribal Intermodal Warehouse, Whirlpool 
2023 Consulting Engineers of Alberta Showcase Awards - Sustainable Design - Modern Integrated Waste Management Facility, Lethbridge, AB